Does A Conservatory Need Foundations?

Conservatory Most people presume that a conservatory, similar to a window or door, is built from the ground up. The width of your foundations are quite dependent on the size and design of conservatory you go with. We carry out a comprehensive survey of the proposed website before dedicating to the necessary depth of foundations, taking into account a number of aspects.

Choosing Your Conservatory Base

Start your complimentary conservatory quote today, related conservatory info at Clear Conservatories Cheshire ( There are two main designs of conservatory bases, traditional build and steel bases. We suggest you speak with one of our trusted suppliers who will have the ability to use their professional advice.

Floor Insulation

We advise utilizing an insulation layer between 70mm and 100mm thick. A thick insulation layer goes on top of the damp proof layer to ensure heat does not go down through the floor.

Do Conservatories Need Planning Permission?

At EYG, we always recommend examining whether you require planning permission for your conservatory prior to the building process starts.

Design Your Conservatory With Confidence

You have numerous alternatives for conservatory heating, but some are more intricate than others.

Types Of Conservatory Base

Start your totally free conservatory quote today. There are two primary styles of conservatory bases, standard build and steel bases. We suggest you talk to one of our trusted providers who will be able to provide their expert suggestions.

The Size Of Your Conservatory

At least 50% of a conservatory's walls and 75% of the roofing system need to be glazed or translucent.

Steel Base Conservatories From Durabase

We ensure that our customers get just the very best quality from their steel base conservatories.